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Recommended Readings: General


Space: The Final Frontier
The Economy of the Early Roman Empire
Identity and the Economics of Organizations
Resolving the global imbalance: The dollar and the US saving rate
The International Monetary Fund: 70 years of reinvention
The new role for the World Bank
The truth about American unemployment: How to grow the country’s labour force
The World Bank: Why it is still needed and why it still disappoints
The IMF's unmet challenges
The World Trade Organization and the future of multilateralism
Why globalization stalled and how to restart it
The return of Europe’s nation states: The upside to the EU’s crisis
From “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”: Necessity, prospects and challenges
Is China Socialist?
Going for the gold: The economics of the Olympics
How did China take off?
The Fed’s unconventional policy: Why danger lies ahead
The business of artificial intelligence: What it can and cannot do for your organization
Is a Cambrian explosion coming for robotics?
Human work in the robotic future: Policy for the age of automation
A real estate boom with Chinese characteristics