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Recommended Readings - Finance


Surprise! Higher Dividends= Higher Earnings Growth Regulating risk: A measured response to the banking crisis 
In honour of the Nobel Laureates Merton and Scholes The Venture Capital Revolution

Public vs Private Equity

You have more capital than you think   

Capital Structure

How Financial Engineering Can Advance Corporate Strategy

Enterprise Risk Management: Theory and Practice

The Summer of '07 and the Shortcomings of Financial Innovation

Basle 2 : The route ahead or Cul De Sac

What Practitioners need to know about Time Diversification

What Practitioners need to know about Log Normality

What Practitioners need to know about Utility

Cash Holdings, Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance

Corporate Cash Policy and how to manage it with Stock Repurchases

Share Repurchases and the need for External Finance

Explaining Differences in the Quality of Governance Among Companies

What Difference Do Dividends Make?

What Practitioners need to know about Monte Carlo Simulation

The New Arsenal of Risk Management

What practitioners need to know about factor methods
The Asset Managerís Dilemma: How Smart Beta is disrupting the investment management industry The Origins of High-Tech Venture Investing in America
Foreign Exchange Markets and Currency Speculation Financial Crises