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Recommended Readings - Finance


Enterprise Risk Management: Theory and Practice Share Repurchases and the need for External Finance
The New Arsenal of Risk Management Surprise! Higher Dividends= Higher Earnings Growth

Cash Holdings, Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance

Capital Structure

For the last time: Stock options are an expense

What Difference Do Dividends Make?

Explaining Differences in the Quality of Governance Among Companies

Corporate Cash Policy and how to manage it with Stock Repurchases

How Financial Engineering Can Advance Corporate Strategy

Public vs Private Equity

Regulating risk: A measured response to the banking crisis 

The Venture Capital Revolution

The Summer of '07 and the Shortcomings of Financial Innovation

Basle 2 : The route ahead or Cul De Sac

In honour of the Nobel Laureates Merton and Scholes

You have more capital than you think   
The Asset Managerís Dilemma: How Smart Beta is disrupting the investment management industry The Origins of High-Tech Venture Investing in America
Foreign Exchange Markets and Currency Speculation Financial Crises
Initial Public Offerings: A Historical Overview Frictions: Lessons from the History of Financial Market Microstructure
The fundamental things apply: How to face up to asset market bubbles Structured finance and the origins of mutual funds in 18th century Netherlands
Integrated Risk Management for the Firm: A Senior Manager's Guide Derivatives: Understanding their Usefulness and their Role in the Financial Crisis
A Note on Long - Term Asset Returns Bankers Trust and the Birth of Modern Risk Management
The right role for multiples in valuation How share repurchases boost earnings without improving returns
Bootstrap Finance: The Art of Start-ups If private equity sized up your business
The surprising economics of a people business Just say no to Wall Street: Putting a stop to the earnings game
The Global Financial Crisis and the Efficient Market Hypothesis: What have we learnt? The six types of successful acquisitions
Disciplined Decisions: Aligning strategy with the financial markets Why not leverage your company to the hilt?
Is it fair to blame fair value accounting for the financial crisis? Risk management by commodity trading firms: The case of Trafigura
A practical method for valuing real options: The Boeing approach Hedge Funds: Past, present and future
Should we fear derivatives? Liquidity, value of the firm and corporate finance
Reforming LIBOR and other financial market benchmarks How debt markets have malfunctioned in the crisis
What Practitioners Need to Know