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Recommended Readings


The New Arsenal of Risk Management
Regulating risk: A measured response to the banking crisis 
In honour of the Nobel Laureates Merton and Scholes

You have more capital than you think   

How Financial Engineering Can Advance Corporate Strategy
The Asset Managerís Dilemma: How Smart Beta is disrupting the investment management industry
Derivatives: Understanding their Usefulness and their Role in the Financial Crisis
Integrated Risk Management for the Firm: A Senior Manager's Guide
Enterprise Risk Management: Theory and Practice
Disciplined Decisions: Aligning strategy with the financial markets
Is it fair to blame fair value accounting for the financial crisis?
Risk management by commodity trading firms: The case of Trafigura
Hedge Funds: Past, present and future
Should we fear derivatives?
In honour of the Nobel laureates, Robert C Merton and Myron Scholes: A partial differential equation that changed the world
Reforming LIBOR and other financial market benchmarks
How debt markets have malfunctioned in the crisis
What Practitioners Need To Know