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Recommended Readings: Marketing


From Touchpoints to Journeys: Seeing the World as Customers do 
by Nicolas Maechler, Kevin Neher, and Robert Park | McKinsey Quarterly, March 2016

To maximize customer satisfaction, companies have focused on touchpoints. But this can divert attention from the more important issue: the customerís end-to-end journey. Customer journeys include many things that happen before, during, and after the experience of a product or service. Journeys can be long, stretching across multiple channels and touchpoints, and often lasting days or weeks. In most cases, companies are simply not naturally wired to think about the journeys their customers take. Thinking about customer journeys, instead of traditional touchpoints, implies an operational and cultural shift that involves a top down, cross functional approach. For the companies that master it, the reward is higher customer and employee satisfaction, revenue and cost improvements, and an enduring competitive advantage.