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My Father


My father, A V Viswanathan, passed away on August 5th, 2016. He had completed 80 in January. A very healthy person otherwise, he was a victim of prostate cancer. But for a few days just before the end, he was very active and self-dependent.

Born in a lower middle-class family, my father rose from humble beginnings to become the General Manager of Hindustan Motors, where he spent most of his working life. Very disciplined and hard-working, he taught us the importance of leading a simple and organized life. My father had a practical bent of mind, and could make and repair various kinds of gadgets with his own hands.

My father had a great love for his native place Ayalur in Nemmara, Kerala. He would take part in the village Chariot Festival during Thiruvadhira every year. He would also regularly make generous contributions to the temple.

My father built a beautiful house for us in Palghat town. We intend to spend a large part of our retired life there.