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1964       Born in Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala    
1973       Relocated to Calcutta.
1980       Completed my schooling at Don Bosco, Liluah
1985       Completed my graduation in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur.
1989       Joined IIM (Calcutta) for an M.B.A. program.
1995       Got married.
1996       Completed the Indian CFA Programme; Entered the world of academics; A proud moment when my son was born
1998       Another proud moment when my daughter was born
2001       A major turning point in my professional life I published my first book
2005       Completed PhD.
2006       Returned to the corporate sector.
2019       Getting ready for retirement after 32 years of service.


Down Memory Lane


My Favorite Movies


Japams and Mantrams


When I die, I should feel a sense of achievement.

Assuming I die at 70, from age 60, I should be focused on doing something useful for the community.

To contribute to the society, I should be a person of some standing. That means by 60, I should

have achieved professional excellence in my career. I should also have earned enough to provide for my family.


My roadmap for the next 20 years is:  

Improve my knowledge and standing in my field of specialisation.

Share knowledge with my colleagues, students and the academic fraternity at large  

Author a few books and publish several research papers

Become a better human being by
           - being focused and energetic in all my endeavors.
           - being selfless and more compassionate.
           - speaking out for what is just and fair.
           - swallowing my ego more frequently.

           - improving my emotional intelligence.